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ER/Studio Collibra Integration

Seamlessly integrate ER/Studio Enterprise with Collibra for superior data governance and data strategy.
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data governance framework

Turn your data into strategic business drivers

Getting started with building a data governance framework is challenging. Where do you start? The foundation should be built on data models supporting governance decisions. ER/Studio makes the difference by producing structured data models, including the Enterprise Conceptual and Enterprise Logical Data Models, to provide clarity for informed governance decisions.

Collibra advocates this approach as the core of their Guided Stewardship method. Get a demo to find out more.
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Why the integration of ER/Studio Enterprise with Collibra is so powerful

Unified Data Governance Framework

Leverage the strengths of both ER/Studio Enterprise’s data modeling capabilities and Collibra’s governance prowess to create a comprehensive governance strategy.

Enhanced Data Quality and Compliance

Ensure data integrity and meet regulatory standards effortlessly with synchronized data definitions and policies.

Streamlined Data Operations

Simplify complex data architectures, making data more accessible and manageable across your organization.

Scalable Data Solutions

Adapt and scale your data governance to meet evolving business needs and data landscapes.

Collaborative Data Environment

Foster collaboration between IT and business stakeholders, ensuring everyone speaks the same data language.


Start building your data governance framework today with ER/Studio and Collibra.
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Database modeling software that helps you understand and trust your data designs

ER/Studio allows you to understand this complexity and produce designs for data solutions that are long-lasting and manageable.

ER/Studio and Collibra data governance knowledge resources


Make the Most of Your Metadata

Dig into how to collaborate on metadata effectively across your organization.

Align Data Governance with Business-Driven Data Architecture


ER/Studio’s Integration with Collibra for Data Governance

Building a Data Governance Framework is Challenging

Where do you start?

Guided Stewardship Method

Collibra advocates the Guided Stewardship method. Guided Data Stewardship in data governance is about providing a structured, systematic approach to managing an organization’s data assets. Guided Data Stewardship in data governance is about providing a structured, systematic approach to managing an organization’s data assets. It combines clear roles, standardized procedures, the use of appropriate tools, training, decision-making frameworks, performance monitoring, and alignment with business goals to ensure effective and efficient management of data.

Data models synchronized with Collibra

ER/Studio is an Enterprise Data Architecture tool that is built to create and manage Enterprise Conceptual and Enterprise Logical Data Models. These can be easily pushed to Collibra and then synchronized as they change. So now this structure can be produced and maintained by the Data Architects and then exploited by the Data Stewards rapidly increasing the efficiency and focus of their efforts.

Produce a business glossary of terms

In addition, ER/Studio can produce a business glossary of terms by harvesting from data models. This kickstarts the creation of a well-considered first-cut business glossary. But that's not all. Ideally, a good business glossary should be arranged into an ontology where the terms are connected via clear relationships. This makes navigating and managing a business glossary so much easier. Vital structures like taxonomies can be built which provide valuable knowledge. For instance, we understand that our business has a concept called “Shift Pattern” but did you know that we have 6 different types of “Shift Pattern” each with very different characteristics? This, in practice, dramatically improves the precision of language and reduces risk in communication. Data Models will naturally contain these structures and the harvesting process produces a more valuable business glossary. ER/Studio can synchronize business terms with Collibra with either tool acting as the master with changes propagated to the other as they occur.
Collibra + ER/Studio means that Data Stewards, Data Architects, Chief Data Officers, and stakeholders can work together and produce a much greater level of clarity in data governance.
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Understand Your Data, Unite Your Organization

Enterprise Data modeling is critical for effective Data Governance. ER/Studio and Collibra working together provide the framework needed for robust Data Governance program with accurate, trusted data that can lead to tangible business success.
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