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ER/Studio has specific system requirements that vary depending on the edition you choose, such as Data Architect (DA), Repository (Repo), or Team Server Core (TSC). To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, it's crucial to refer to the latest requirements detailed on their respective pages for DA and Repo, and TSC.

ER/Studio offers different licensing options to suit various needs:

  • Workstation: This is a single-user license tied to one workstation, for which a serial number is issued.
  • Network-Named User (NNU): Suitable for a single user across up to three machines, managed by the Enterprise License Center (ELC) over the network. It involves checking out a .slp license file and returning it post-use. It offers quick asset redistribution and usage reporting.
  • Concurrent User: This allows multiple users on multiple machines, also managed via ELC. The number of simultaneous users cannot exceed the licenses owned. Recommended ratio is one license per 2-3 persons based on usage patterns.

For detailed licensing information and management with ELC, refer to LicensingELC Documentation, and Software Licensing Solutions.

To understand the differences between ER/Studio editions such as Data Architect, Data Architect Professional, and Enterprise Team Edition/Team Server Core, please visit the Why ER/Studio page. This will guide you through the features and benefits of each to help determine the best fit for your needs.

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