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ER/Studio: More than just data modeling

ER/Studio can go beyond basic data modeling to deliver an enterprise approach to data and build a data ecosystem.
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Working with ER/Studio has allowed us to push even further towards data as an enabler in our business. Data discovery is easy, and all data movement, from input to tracking, is agile enough for us to keep numerous projects going simultaneously.
Patrick Rock
Data Modeler at Werner Enterprises
Advanced Functionality

Enterprise data management like you’ve never seen before

Drive Consistency Through Standardization

Projects go quicker, and interoperability improves by using common models.

Universal Mappings

Connect your models to ensure traceability and drive impact analysis.

Business Data Objects

Represent master data and transactional concepts with multiple entities and relationships, such as products, customers, and vendors.
Logical Data Model in Data Architect
Logical Data Model in Data Architect
Enterprise Data Architecture in Team Sever
Enterprise Data Architecture in Team Server
Model Explorer screenshot
Explore Multiple Models and Model Types
Business Data Objects screenshot
Business Data Objects
Shared Model Repository screenshot
Shared Model Repository
Data lineage screenshot
Data Lineage
Metawizard Bridges
Metawizard Bridges
SQL server to Snowflake migration screenshot
SQL Server to Snowflake Migration
Data Sources

Support for popular data platforms

Core Platform Support

For our core platforms, we perform direct reverse engineering, code import, code generation, and ALTER Script generation. We support the most popular relational databases, NoSQL databases, and file formats such as JSON.

Import & Export Bridges

A wide range of platforms, including databases, file formats, data lakes, and BI tools, are also supported for simple import using our MetaWizard bridges.

Data Lineage Visibility

Leverage visualization for source-target mapping and sourcing rules designed in an external Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tool or Data Integration (DI) tool.

Accomplish more together


The Team Server Core portal allows the wider organization to understand your data. Features such as activity and discussion streams allow users to collaborate.

Version Management

Manage the individual histories of models and model objects to ensure incremental comparison between, and rollback to, desired diagrams.

Model Storage and Publication

Store files in the shared model Repository and publish them to Team Server Core for viewing, when working with ER/Studio Enterprise.

Graphical Impact Analysis

Graphical views allow business users to investigate the relationships between information and explore the impact.
People screenshot
Built For Teams
Visual Impact Diagram in Team Server
A Discussion on an Entity in Team Server
Visual Impact Diagram in Team Server
Visual Impact Diagram in Team Server
Security repository screenshot
Role-Based Permissioning
Glossaries screenshot
Enterprise Glossaries
Ontology screenshot
Ontology and Taxonomy
ER/Studio and Collibra integration
Native Integration with Collibra

Improved data governance is within your reach

Enterprise Glossaries

View, classify, relate, and centrally store authoritative business definitions in an extensible enterprise glossary of business terms. Associate terms with models and submodels to answer the important question, “What data do I have, and where is it?”.

Ontology and Taxonomy

Arrange business terms into comprehensive ontologies and taxonomies to provide a business-friendly knowledge graph of the metadata of the organization.

Semantic and Data Source Mapping

Relate business terms to critical data elements including tables, columns, entities and attributes. View associated Universal Mappings in the detailed description.
Additional features

Continuous innovation

Advanced Compare and Merge

Enable advanced, bi-directional comparisons and merges of model and database structures.

Advanced Search

Easily search and filter results for data objects, data sources, glossaries, and terms.

Data Catalog

Create and view a single searchable registry of all available created or imported data sources.

Forward and Reverse Engineering

Generate source code from existing databases, construct graphical models from existing database or schema, and easily apply design changes with generated ALTER code.

Native Platform Support

Native forward and reverse engineering for multiple RDBMS and big data platforms, on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud. Extensive platform support is enabled through native and database-specific ODBC connections.

Agile Change Management

Assign and track tasks associated with data models to align changes to user stories and development workflows; view and edit tasks in both Data Architect and Team Server Core, and link projects and tasks to JIRA records.

Naming Standards

Automatically apply a naming standards template across logical and physical models by binding it to models, sub models, entities and attributes.

Interactive Model Image Navigator

View the data model image interactively within the Team Server Core web interface, including zoom, search, and re-positioning functions

Get Started

Empower your organization with ER/Studio and seize control of your data assets.
Database Platform Support

ER/Studio speaks your language

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Compare editions

Find your sweet spot

Choose the ER/Studio edition that aligns with your data modeling requirements and organizational objectives.
The Complete Solution
    Logical and Physical Data Modeling
    Local Data Dictionary
    Advanced reverse engineering
    Meta Wizard Bridges (Import)
    Repository Support and Version Control
    Universal Mappings
    Enterprise Data Dictionary
    Advanced Meta Wizard Bridges (Import + Export)
    Tools to search, manage, and document all metadata*
    Impact Analysis and Graphical Model Explorer*
    REST Interface*
    Advanced Team Collaboration*
    Enterprise Data Glossaries & Catalogue*
    Business Term Harvesting*
    Governance Integrations*
    Product Comparison table
    * Available through Team Server Core at an additional cost.

    Take your data modeling to the next level

    Elevate your data modeling with ER/Studio's integrations, ensuring flexibility and scalability for seamless collaboration and data integration.
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    Seamless metadata governance, including stewardship, standardization, and compliance across all data assets.
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    ER/Studio +


    Comprehensive data models and their metadata are automatically ingested into Purview’s catalog, providing a centralized, searchable repository that aligns collaboration.
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    ER/Studio +

    Silwood Safyr

    Teamed with ER/Studio, metadata extracted by Safyr quickly creates accurate and comprehensive data models.
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    ER/Studio +

    Atlassian Jira

    Data modeling revisions, deployments, and approvals are managed as tasks in Jira, providing a clear workflow and accountability structure.
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    ER/Studio +


    Enables faster data warehouse deployments, improved accuracy, and better alignment of data infrastructure with business objectives.
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    ER/Studio +


    Seamless metadata integration with various data management platforms, including ETL, BI, and big data technologies.
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    ER/Studio +


    Aligns data modeling tools with the best identity and access management practices. This ensures sensitive data and critical data infrastructure are well-protected and efficiently accessible.
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    ER/Studio +

    Azure AD

    Provides conditional access policies and fine-grained permission controls that govern who can access ER/Studio.
    Provides conditional access policies and fine-grained permission controls that govern who can access ER/Studio.
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    ER/Studio +


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    Industry standard reference models to kick start your enterprise data modeling program.
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    Use data models in ER/Studio to build a world class virtualization platform.
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    It’s time to get your data into shape.

    Ready to understand and trust your data designs?

    Learn what ER/Studio can do for you

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    Case Study

    Correla Builds the Framework for their Data Governance Program by Switching to ER/Studio

    Learn how Correla leveraged ER/Studio Enterprise with Team Server Core to empower their data governance program.

    Enhance Data Governance and Business Intelligence

    Steve Hoberman
    Tim Rone
    Steve Hoberman + Tim Rone

    Collibra and ER/Studio Working Together


    Our customers love what we do

    Understand why ER/Studio stands out as the preferred data modeling solution.
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    With ER/Studio, we improved communication across distributed teams with more effective reporting and publishing of data models and metadata.
    Mark Underwood
    VP, Protective Life
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    Another leading data modeling software slowed us down. Its inability to handle multiple physical models beneath a logical model added time-consuming manual labor for my team.
    Julian Clemas-Howard
    Enterprise Data Architect at Correla
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    Overall, everything from the installation process and product support to the impact we’re getting from ER/Studio has far exceeded our expectations.
    Patrick Rock
    Data Modeler at Werner Enterprises
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    It’s exciting that we finally have the tools to keep pace with the data warehousing technology we’ve had in place all along. Our modeling capabilities are in lockstep with our database now.
    Kelly Carrigan
    Vice President of Data Warehousing and Infrastructure at Catalina Marketing
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    [ER/Studio] is exceptionally well-written and robust, and for that alone, I’d recommend it.
    Jason Soroko
    Business Architect at Entrust
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    Our goal was to understand what data we had and develop concise models without having to worry about source systems. The mission was to deliver what the businesses wanted – not what we thought they wanted – so they could achieve quicker insights and more value from the data.
    Philip Powell
    Data Architect, TalkTalk

    Understand Your Data, Unite Your Organization

    Start your journey towards reliable, actionable insights and tangible business success. 
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    Aligning complex data environments with business goals for over 30 years.
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