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The ER/Studio Integration With WhereScape

Imagine your data stewards in the data governance tool of their choice setting the requirements on security for data. Imagine all those requirements driving the automatic creation of security policies and structures in a well-governed data warehouse. Thanks to the new integration with WhereScape 3D, you can achieve all of this and more!

ER/Studio’s integration with WhereScape now supports the next generation in data discovery, data modeling, and data delivery. The brand new integration between ER/Studio and WhereScape is intended for data modelers, data architects, data analysts, and warehouse architects. This integration:

  • Supports the curation process and reduces the metadata gathering phase.
  • Assists warehouse architects in deciphering the meaning and context of data by using logical data models and the business glossary.
  • Dramatically reduces the effort of collecting metadata and makes the warehouse delivery process even more efficient.
  • Provides automations that apply security to data in the warehouse from applying data policies to business terms coming through integrating with Collibra.
  • Ensures that you can protect sensitive, personal, and valuable data drives data vault, 3NF, dimensional, and star schema design.

Watch this video to learn about the integration of ER/Studio with WhereScape and how that helps you discover, model, and deliver your data.

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