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ER/Studio 20.2 Integration with Databricks

Join Jamie Knowles, Senior Product Manager of ER/Studio, as he explores the latest features of ER/Studio 20.2. In this informative video, Jamie demonstrates the seamless integration of ER/Studio with Databricks. Discover how this native integration streamlines data management, enhances data modeling accuracy and optimizes workflows for complex data environments. 

Gain insights into advanced capabilities such as: 

  • Reverse engineering from Unity Data Catalog 
  • DDL code generation and import
  • Efficient handling of denormalized nested structures Experience firsthand how ER/Studio’s support for Databricks and Delta Lake tables empowers data professionals to unleash the full potential of their data assets, driving business success and innovation.

Watch now to grasp the benefits and features of this groundbreaking integration and elevate your data management to new heights!

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