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Discover the Full Potential of ER/Studio

Join Tim Rone and Jon Harrison as they showcase the power of ER/Studio Enterprise in transforming data management strategies. Explore how ER/Studio Enterprise reshapes data architecture and governance approaches, emphasizing its enhanced capabilities compared to Data Architect and Data Architect Pro. Learn how ER/Studio supports your overall data program with a top-down approach that involves and leverages various roles, promoting seamless inter-team collaboration.

Topics Covered:

  • ER/Studio Editions – Increasing Capabilities
  • Generating Data Source Knowledge
  • Enterprise Model – Foundation for a Data Program
  • Collaboration & Publication – Leveraging Knowledge
  • The Data Ecosystem – Data Product & Data Governance

Whether you missed the live session or want to revisit the insights, watch the recording to discover how ER/Studio Enterprise can enhance your data management practices.

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