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Agile Change Management

ER/Studio Data Architect Professional is a data modeling tool that helps data modelers create change records to represent user stories or tasks aligned to the development workflow, and then associate them to models stored in the Repository. One can link object check-in and check-out within the Repository to a specific stored change record. 

Agile change management helps organizations achieve faster and better outcomes for their change projects by focusing on the most valuable and workable changes. This results in better communication, faster adaptation, and more effective problem-solving. That enables change leaders to approach the project with a proven framework.

In addition, agile change management allows for continuous learning and iteration, which can be useful when organizations are bringing staff back to work in phases. They can take advantage of this by piloting change tools and processes.

And the core benefits of the agile method carry over to change management processes as well. Iterating, delivering, and communicating faster and more effectively enable change leaders to respond well to changes in their industry, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve better outcomes from the projects.

This short video shows how to create and track tasks aligned with changes in your data models. Change records allow you to track edits made to models, capture the reason for the change, and view the changed objects. This is helpful for aligning model updates to agile development workflows.

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