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Data Governance with ER/Studio

Establish a Data Governance Foundation

IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect is a powerful modeling and metadata collaboration solution that helps you create an enterprise data architecture foundation for your data governance initiatives. With ER/Studio you can document your enterprise architecture with detailed data models that accurately represent your organization and its priorities. These can serve as the basis for enabling data quality and data governance programs


Trying to govern and manage your data for GDR, HIPAA, SOX, or other government regulations?

IDERA ER/Studio can help you control your data and demonstrate compliance!

Improve data quality

  • Better models using best practices
  • Better meta data with business glossaries
  • Change management with audit trails

Leverage standards and reusable artifacts

  • Naming standards
  • Enterprise data dictionaries
  • Universal mappings

Implement security and compliance

  • Identify sensitive data with security impact and privacy level.
  • Assign compliance classifications, identify owners/stewards.
  • Generate reports to demonstrate compliance.

Enable understanding of data usage

  • Define business glossaries with consistent terms and definitions.
  • Map data sources and movements with data lineage.
  • View model change records to know what was modified and why.

Communication and collaboration

  • Collaboration platform with unlimited user access
  • Shared model and metadata repository
  • Display models at the appropriate level for each audience.

Key functionality in ER/Studio

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Enterprise data dictionary
  • Attachments / data security
  • Universal mappings
  • Domains
  • Naming standards
  • Collaborative platform
  • Reverse engineering
  • Compare and merge
  • Visual data lineage
  • Submodels
  • Where used
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