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Enterprise Data Modeling with ER/Studio

Data stakeholders — including various information technology (IT) functions, data governance teams and business users — need a comprehensive solution to understand, control and distribute reliable data. ER/Studio does this better than anyone by providing unhindered access to enterprise metadata.

The quantity, variety, and location of data sources within hybrid and distributed environments are growing fast.Knowledge of data, rapid access to data, and the ability to gather insights from data fast is more important than ever.Therefore, enterprise data architecture is important to an organization’s success. An enterprise data model provides common definitions for important data, provides a mechanism to compare diverse data assets, and a point to kick start new development projects.

Enterprise data architecture eliminates time-consuming manual tasks while improving governance and visibility to deliver maximum value from enterprise data. It enables organizations to:

  • Manage data across complex IT environments by understanding metadata well.
  • Gain insights from enterprise-wide data assets.
  • Enable robust information governance and data stewardship.
  • Shape future IT strategy.

ER/Studio has earned its reputation as the best solution for enterprise data architecture. The reasons are its comprehensive data modeling, metadata management, built-in data governance, enforcement of standards and guidelines,scalability, and flexibility, as well as collaboration and teamwork.

Read this datasheet to discover how to enable collaborative enterprise data architecture with ER/Studio.

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