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Bluemetrix and Idera Accelerate JSON Data Extraction into Snowflake

Together, Bluemetrix, Idera and Collibra provide the enterprise-class analytic engineering automation that allows your data team export data from nested JSON files into relational tables, simplifying the process and expediting access to your data. With powerful and seamless integration, your data team can now scale analytics projects as needed and deliver end-to-end ETL pipelines with the highest level of compliance and security standards.


Snowflake offers a powerful way to store and process semi-structured data like JSON, allowing data analysts to derive valuable insight from the data using standard SQL. However, for data analysts to access the value in this data, data engineers must first extract the nested JSON data into relational tables to process it.

Managing a large amount of JSON data is a manual process that takes time away from data projects, introduces risks, and slows down Snowflake’s use and adoption.

In addition, with more stringent data privacy regulations arising from the need to ensure every approval for data access and sharing requests adheres to governance policies, the process can be daunting and challenging.


Now with this solution, we provide enterprises of all sizes the assurance and confidence that extracting data from JSON files has never been more effortless and secure allowing your data team to take full advantage of the scale, speed and flexibility of Snowflake Engine.

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