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Werner Enterprises Improves Data-Driven Capabilities


Werner Enterprises is a transportation and logistics leader with more than 8,000 trucks, 24,000 trailers, and nearly 13,000 employees. Today, 65 years since the company was founded, it is an asset-based logistics provider and one of the five largest truckload carriers in the United States. The company offers a diversified portfolio of transportation and logistics services to companies around the globe, backed by an alliance network of more than 26,000 carriers and ocean, air, and rail providers.


The effective use of mission-critical datasets sits at the heart of Werner’s business model. In managing their diverse and complex data requirements, Werner’s specialist team applies bespoke classification and retention policies to provide the business with easy access to relevant data and insight.

Working across departments, they prioritize the need to streamline information while also providing effective data visibility. However, the Werner Enterprises data team was looking for ways to make information about the company’s data more accessible, with a particular focus on reducing reliance on tribal knowledge within the business.

“In common with many businesses, we face challenges with our approach to data,” said Patrick Rock, Data Modeler at Werner Enterprises. “For instance, we may have different definitions of data points in different areas of our business, but this has an impact on what the data ends up meaning, what rules are applied, and where key areas of knowledge exist across the organization.”

To address these issues, Werner needed an enterprise data modeling and data governance approach to harmonize and standardize the company’s understanding of information and data and become a strategic tool for all business users.

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