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dir systèmes Improves Data Warehouses


Based in Rivière de Loup, Quebec (Canada), dir systèmes is a consultancy specializing in business intelligence solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Its principal, Manon Tremblay, is a long-time user of database modeling and administration tools since her days working as an IT specialist for a Quebec-based pulp and paper company.


When working with clients, Tremblay says her first order of the day is to explain the role of data modeling in developing data warehouses for business intelligence (BI) solutions. “Many organizations aren’t used to it, so will call me in when they’re starting a major project. The first thing I tell them is they need to model their data so they can view it, extract it, and use it. In many cases, the IT department has no idea where to start.” She explains that most IT departments tend to think in terms of transactional data. “Business intelligence requires a completely different type of database. Without the right data modeling solution, you’re simply generating reports and not getting the full benefits of your business intelligence.”

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