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Correla Builds the Framework for their Data Governance Program by Switching to ER/Studio


Correla was created as an independently owned business to bring private investment to fuel innovation in the center of the energy market and beyond. With a clear mission to harness private investment to spearhead advancement at the heart of the energy sector, Correla has established itself as an independent entity poised to reshape industry standards. Specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Managed Service solutions, the company is committed to simplifying the complex energy market landscape and delivering unmatched cost and operational efficiencies. 


Julian Clemas-Howard, Enterprise Data Architect at Correla, was confronted with a monumental task: Transforming years of poorly structured data housed in an SAP system into actionable information to fuel a revamped data governance program.  

Like many companies, Correla needed structure and clarity to understand its data. Clemas-Howard and his team were tasked with creating order from their data mess. Their data landscape is extensive, with over 24 million meters of data assets across the UK. 

The first task for Clemas-Howard and his team was to catalog and document their data. Additionally, their current tool was not effectively handling the work. Clemas-Howard shared, “A competitor to ER/Studio slowed us down. Its inability to handle multiple physical models beneath a logical model added time-consuming manual labor for my team.” He continued, “The other problem we had was their version of a repository, which has a clunky user interface. This led to further delays because it wasn’t easy to share models with our team and stakeholders in our organization.” 

In their search for a tool to document, catalog, and share their data, Correla chose ER/Studio Enterprise, along with Team Server Core, as the right solution to empower their data governance program. 

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