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ER/Studio Data Architect 20.1 General Availability

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect 20.1

ER/Studio 20.1 delivers a variety of improvements and bug fixes to SQL generation to support your design projects. This makes ER/Studio more reliable, faster, and with better-documented output. Get the latest version today!

ER/Studio Data Architect 20.1

Updates to Data Architect were made in the following areas:

  • ALTER Script Generation
  • A variety of improvements and bug fixes to SQL code generation from Compare/Merge
  • Code Generation/ Reverse engineering
  • Multiple fixes to support for Snowflake, BigQuery, Synapse Analytics, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL platforms
  • PostgreSQL Features
  • Support for Index column ordering for PostgreSQL
  • Azure SQL DB and SQL Server Features
  • User-defined names for the History Table
  • Google BigQuery Features
  • Region Selection improves performance during Reverse Engineering
  • Security Improvements
  • Updates to third-party libraries for improved security

ER/Studio Team Server 20.1

Updates to Team Server were made in the following areas:

  • Performance improvements
  • A variety of improvements to Repository operations
  • Improvements to Domain inferred relationships
  • Business terms connected via a Domain are now displayed in Team Server and passed through to Collibra
  • Updated integration with WhereScape
  • Support for versions and above
  • Data Catalog features
  • Data Catalog Tree now supports Google BigQuery Nested Objects
  • Improved business user experience
  • Display of relationship details including entity endpoints

ER/Studio Business Architect 20.1

ER/Studio Business Architect has been improved in the following areas:

  • Improved security with updated third-party components such as Log4J
  • Fixes to ability to create Universal Mappings to Data Architect objects
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