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ER/Studio 19.1 General Availability

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of IDERA ER/Studio 19.1

ER/Studio 19.1 is a minor release with some hotly anticipated new features. This release continues the journey to connect data architects closer to the data governance initiative by providing deep integration with the Data Governance tool Collibra. This integration has been requested by many of our clients and makes us unique in the marketplace. We have also included a major uplift to our support for Oracle. 

ER/Studio Data Architect 19.1

Improvements to Data Architect were made in the following areas:

  • Oracle
    • Support for many features of Oracle so that clients can utilize features of the database all in one place. Supported features include
      • Support for Identity Columns
      • Pivot/Unpivot operators
      • External Tables
      • More partitioning options
      • More compression options
      • Various bug fixes

Team Server/Repository 19.1

Improvements to Team Server were made in the following areas:

  • Collibra Integration
    • Kick start a data governance project by populating Collibra’s business glossary with business terms harvested from ER/Studio
    • Exploit the knowledge of data architects to assist in building the Collibra catalog by publishing data models mapped to the Collibra glossary from ER/Studio

Business Architect 19.0

There were no changes to ER/Studio Business Architect, which will retain the 19.0 version number. 

Software Architect

There were no changes to ER/Studio Software Architect, which will retain the 18.0 version number. 

There is a video demonstrating the new features on YouTube and also in the Resource Centre. There will be a What’s New democast on September 7th.

Detailed release notes can be found in our product documentation pages:

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition

Individual Products:

Team Server

Data Architect

Business Architect

Software Architect

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