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ER/Studio 18.3 General Availability

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of IDERA ER/Studio 18.3

ER/Studio 18.3 contains support for the latest versions of the PostgreSQL database in both Data Architect and Team Server. Customers using this database platform will benefit significantly from this release. We have also added additional support for the Amazon Redshift platform, and a new notification feature in Team Server.

ER/Studio Data Architect 18.3

Improvements to Data Architect were made in the following areas:

  • PostgreSQL Support
    • Support for newer versions of PostgreSQL from 9.5 through to 12
    • Import from SQL file
    • Generate alter script from Compare/Merge operation
    • PostgreSQL data types. Note, some types have been omitted.
      • Special functionality so that foreign key properties created against Serial data type will be automatically set to Integer
    • PostgreSQL Procedures in physical models
    • PostgreSQL Functions in physical models
  • Amazon Redshift Support 
  • Redshift Procedures in physical models
  • Redshift Functions in physical models
  • Redshift Users in physical models
  • Redshift Schemas in physical models
  • MITI Bridge Support
  • 15 new import bridges for ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition, including
    • Data cataloguing bridges with enhanced handling of flat file formats for platforms such as Azure Data Lake Gen2

Team Server/Repository 18.3

Improvements to Team Server were made in the following areas:

  • Change Notifications
    • When users follow an object they can opt to be emailed notification of changes to the object. For example, a developer who has code accessing a table can be notified if that table’s structure changes.
  • Certify Team Server Repository against MS SQL Server 2019
  • Bug fixes

There were no changes to ER/Studio Business Architect and Software Architect, both of which retain the 18.0 version number. 

Note. All 18.x clients and servers are cross compatible, however, users taking advantage of the new PostgreSQL platform must use the latest 18.3 version of both Team Server and Data Architect.

Note. The Data Architect Viewer has also been updated to handle the new platforms in Data Architect.

Detailed release notes can be found in our product documentation pages:

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition

Individual Products:

Team Server

Data Architect

Business Architect

Software Architect

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