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ER/Studio 18.1 General Availability

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of IDERA ER/Studio 18.1

ER/Studio 18.1 contains a number of usability improvements and bug fixes in both Data Architect and Team Server.  Customers will benefit significantly from this release. 

ER/Studio Data Architect 18.1

Improvements to Data Architect were Made in the following areas:

  • Improved conflict resolution when checking models into the repository
  • Several usability improvements when working with Business Data Objects (BDO)
  • Usability improvements in object editors
  • Compare & Merge Improvements
  • 5 New MetaWizard bridges
  • Installation Improvements

In addition, the Data Architect codebase has been upgraded to Visual Studio 2017.  This significant investment in foundational upgrades will enable significant new enhancements, illustrating our commitment to our customers over the long term.

Team Server/Repository 18.1

Improvements to Team Server were made in the following areas:

  • Installation & configuration usability
  • Business glossary usability
  • Publishing
  • Change management
  • Correction of a memory leak in the repository server, which would cause the server to hang in large customer environments with high usage.  This required restart of the repository server to reclaim memory.
  • Addition of Windows authentication when connecting from Team Server to SQL Server as a hosting database.

There were no changes to ER/Studio Business Architect and Software Architect, both of which retain the 18.0 version number. 

Detailed release notes can be found in our product documentation pages:

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition

Individual Products:

Team Server

Data Architect

Business Architect

Software Architect

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