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What Tech Professionals Really Think About IDERA ER/Studio – by Danielle Felder

Over the last few months, the IT Central Station team gathered reviews from IDERA ER/Studio’s customers with one goal: to find out more about their experience with this top ranked database development and management solution.

As the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, IT Central Station is always looking for user feedback that can help our growing community of tech professionals make the most informed buying decisions for their companies. These IDERA ER/Studio reviews are from actual users who are providing honest feedback without vendor bias.

As we delved further into these reviews, we found that ER/Studio users highlighted similar benefits that made them stand out. In this post, we will discuss some of these top-mentioned benefits in more detail, which we hope will help others looking for impartial tech reviews in their market research.

Improves Modeling

One of the most prevalent features discussed in IDERA ER/Studio’s reviews is its superior data modeling capabilities:

“We have been able to quickly create models for our enterprise-wide databases, even when some of them are third-party databases. We have been able to then modify those models, breaking them down to make them more understandable. Loading these models into the ER/Studio Team Server repository, it allows us to disseminate this information to the entire enterprise.” – Larry W., Data Architect at an insurance company with over 1,000 employees

“The data modeling module is important to me because I am a database developer and designer. I also take part in designing applications and that always starts with data modeling. It’s very fast, reliable, up-to-date, so easy to use, smooth. The solution is also easy to explain to others and the graphics are good.” – Database Developer at a financial services firm with over 1,000 employees

Saves Time

Another top benefit highlighted in IDERA ER/Studio’s reviews is its ability to save time for a variety of tasks:

“At my previous company using ER/Studio, a database compare took four hours before using the product and 15 minutes after using the product.” – Database Administrator at a government organization with over 10,000 employees

“It’s much easier to develop the database structure and change it on the fly, rather than doing it manually in SQL Server itself. That saves time.” – Mariya S., Senior Business Intelligence Developer at a wholesaler

Simplifies Tasks

IDERA ER/Studio’s ability to simplify different processes is another major benefit that their customers discuss in their reviews:

“Before this tool, just managing the changes and publishing the models to the users became very cumbersome. This tool has simplified our day-to-day tasks a lot.” – Data Architect at a software R&D company with over 1,000 employees

“One of the valuable features is inheritance when joining tables. When setting up RI and domains and rules, ER/Studio does a lot of the grunt, boilerplate code that would otherwise have to be hand-coded.” – Mike G., DBA at a manufacturing company

Integrated Data Architecture Platform

Another important point mentioned in many of ER/Studio’s reviews is how well it functions as a data architecture platform, by providing standardization across multiple database platforms and applications:

“Modeling with Data Architect is valuable: We can quickly reverse-engineer a database from an existing database or create a model from scratch.” – Larry W., Data Architect at an insurance company with over 1,000 employees

“We use the solution to create data models which describe our company’s data architecture. It is a mix of design upfront when we get changes. We also use the data models after we’ve implemented changes. It does help in regards to redundancy with standardization across models.” – Database Administrator at a government organization with over 10,000 employees

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