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Setting up IDERA TeamServer Database inSQL Server Availability Groups! – Part 2

TeamServer Database in SQL Server Availability Groups! – Part 2 


As promised this is part 2 of the setup for IDERA TeamServer in a SQL Server 2022 HA group. 

Now, let’s install TeamServer, here is a guide 

Install or Upgrade Team Server and Repository – TeamServer ER/Studio (embarcadero.com) 

Database Requirements / Permissions: 

SQL Server 2022 Eval to Express(Testing) –> with a DBO role on the teamserver database. 

Now in the Configurator screen, under DBMS Setup 

Pick MSSQL and provide the Cluster’s DC hostname –> I have used SQLCluster01 

Next under the database, use Windows Auth / SQL Auth. 

For the Database hostname: provide: SQLListener name and the port number.

Now, once the setup has completed. 

Make sure the TeamServer database is visible on the Primary node to be added. 

The following queries shown below shows the database is ready to be added to the SQLNode1

We will follow the same steps as before to add the database to the AG. 

Right click on the AG and choose Add Database

Now let’s launch ER/Studio Data Architect 

You can get a free trial below 

IDERA ER/Studio Data Architecture | Data Modeling Tools | IDERA 

Once installed. 

Open the Sample Model from the folder: 

C:\ProgramData\Idera\ERStudioDA_19.3\Sample Models We will be using the AdventureWorks sample model

Now Check in the model into the Repository. 

Head back to SSMS and run the query. 

Make sure you are in the teamserver db realm. 


Now let’s failover the Nodes

We shall now add a secondary diagram the GIMDB 

Once done, you can query again using the first example SELECT * FROM DIAGRAM_SI_VIEW 

We shall now revert back to the primary!

Revert back to SQLNode1

Connect to SQLNode1

Performing Failover back to Node1


Now let’s validate to make sure

SQLNode1 is up and so are our Diagrams

Work as usual with no Client disruptions! 

Excellent! Congratulations! 

Look forward to many more blogs on these topics.

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