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Setting up ER/Studio Repository on Oracle Cloud – Oracle Database Edition


I am back with another exciting blog post on setting up our ER/Studio Repository in the Oracle Cloud.

Let us walk through the process.


  1. Get a Oracle Cloud account. You can sign up for a Free Trial here 


Right now they are offering $300 worth in free Credit. But if you can reach out to the Oracle Rep in the Comments section, she is willing to offer you $500 instead of regular $300!

2. Next, login in to your console and follow these steps as outlined in the screenshots.


Click on Create Instance –> on your console as shown below.

Next please choose Compute and click on Create.

Give your instance a name, choose an availability zone and finally pick Windows Server 2016 Standard under Image Source.

You will now have the instance up and running in a few minutes.

Now let us configure the Firewall rules needed to access the repository from the Oracle Cloud.

We will be adding the following ports as outlined in the documentation of IDERA ER/Studio Team Server Guide.

For more information on Networking from Oracle Cloud:


TCP Ports

54331, 54332 and 54334

UDP Ports


You may see these options below:

[Default Security List Screen]

Note: As this is a test, I have enabled this to be accessed from any IP. In your environment, you should use the source IP range source and targets accordingly.

[Final Security List]

You may now connect to the VM with the Public IP Address as listed on the homepage of the VM.

Remember that you would need to add the appropriate Oracle Database Port for access as well.

As outlined in the documentation:



We are now all set!! Congratulations on creating your IDERA ER/Studio Repository using Oracle Cloud!

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