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IDERA’s ER/Studio Selected as Best Database Management Software of 2021

We are extremely pleased to announce the inclusion of IDERA’s ER/Studio Data Architect in Digital.com’s list of the Best Database Management Software of 2021. We are very happy to be recognized for providing high-quality enterprise database management software to help organizations take advantage of their data resources. 

Digital.com is a leading independent review website whose focus is on small business online tools, products, and services. The company used multiple criteria in their evaluation of database management software. Their final selections were based on deep assessments of the key features of the respective software tools as well as customer feedback regarding the applications. Digital concentrated on the following aspects of a software solution.

Deployment – In some cases, a cloud-based solution may appeal to customers for ease of access. Other users may prefer the features of a tool that runs on individual machines and may provide faster performance. 

Backups and Recovery – Backups are a critical part of protecting enterprise data assets. This includes the information stores contained in internal tools. The loss of this information negatively impacts team productivity and performance. The ability to backup and recover the information stored in database management software is a vital feature of any viable solution.

Reporting – Communicating the insights uncovered through the use of database management software is the third main criterion used when rating database management software tools. Reporting capabilities should allow teams to easily visualize data and identify issues and areas for improvement. Data models need to be shared across the enterprise. 

ER/Studio Data Architect

ER/Studio Data Architect was chosen as one of the best database management software solutions due to its impressive feature set. The tool provides the means with which to document, design, and communicate data assets to all team members. Routine data modeling tasks can be automated and users can forward or reverse engineer instances of many database platforms. Collaboration is fostered with a shared repository accessed by a check-in and check-out process to maintain data consistency and quality. 

ER/Studio Data Architect supports a wide range of on-premises and cloud database platforms. The list of relational and NoSQL databases supported include SQL Server, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, IBM Db2, Snowflake, and Oracle. A single user interface is used to access all database platforms, increasing productivity as database professionals gain experience with the tool.

Database management software is important in any industry that needs the ability to use information effectively and efficiently. The value of enterprise data assets continues to rise, and managing them productively throughout all levels of an organization is a critical component in its success. ER/Studio Data Architect is a valuable addition to your software portfolio and can help your enterprise make the most productive use of its data assets. Take advantage of a fully functional, two-week trial during which you can investigate the features of this beneficial database software tool. 

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