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Four unique features of ER/Studio Data Architect

Data modeling tools should be competent at the basics of database modeling. They should be able to create logical and physical data models, propagate changes from one model to the other in both directions, create database scripts, and reverse-engineer databases.

However, not all data modeling tools are equal. It is the advanced yet critical features that separate a suitable data model from an excellent data model. 

Here are four features that distinguish ER/Studio Data Architect from the rest of the data modeling tools in the industry:

  1. Online data modeling tool

    There is no need to install thick or thin clients. ER/Studio has a unique, IDERA-built web portal to deploy the data modeling tool.
  2. Multiple physical data models

    ER/Studio allows multiple physical data models in the same model file. The physical data models can differ from the logical data model.
  3. Conceptual data model with business data objects

    ER/Studio includes business data objects that are the building blocks of conceptual data models.
  4. Logical and physical data segregation

    ER/Studio keeps the logical and physical data models separated. This reduces the number of models needed and the complexity of the tasks required to maintain the best practice during the change process.

View this web page to see more unique features of ER/Studio Data Architect that make it the best data modeling tool.

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