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Data modeling solutions for data warehousing and business intelligence

IDERA helps business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse (DW) architects to better design, document, and reuse data elements to create a more structured and standardized BI environment. Our tools improve productivity, reduce data redundancy, improve collaboration, and enhance designs across BI and DW projects.

  • Increase productivity and reduce data redundancy.
  • Improve collaboration with enhanced documentation.
  • Enable data governance.
  • Share metadata across business and information technology (IT).

Increase productivity and reduce data redundancy

The ER/Studio suite of modeling tools helps information technology (IT) organizations better manage, define, and reuse standardized data elements when designing data marts and data warehouses. Architects leverage the data dictionary of ER/Studio to enforce global standards with domain inheritance, reusable objects, and automatic updates. Combined with a server-based model management system, BI/DW teams improve team collaboration, version management, security management, and reduce data redundancy by reusing common components across models. Designs can also be connected to business glossaries and published to popular data governance tools to support the governance program..

Improve collaboration with enhanced documentation

In addition to the built in reverse-engineering tools, the metadata wizard of ER/Studio, users can import metadata from over 70 databases products, different modeling tools, business intelligence, extract-transform-load (ETL) platforms and industry-standard exchange formats, file formats, data lake platforms, and other applications.. ER/Studio helps users trace data origins by better documenting ETL mappings and how data moves between the target and source systems, along with why and when we move the data. Models of these data assets and ETL processes can be stored in the model repository which enables users to share, browse and report on it. .

Deliver high quality designs

Create high quality, dimensional star, and snowflake schemas for data warehouses, data marts, and online analytical processing (OLAP) and provide high-performance data access. With streamlined navigational aids, diagram layout capabilities and powerful report/publishing functions, users can simplify cross functional collaboration across business units. Design your warehouse by building logical data models that focus on the information rather than the implementation and let ER/Studio help you translate requirements into code and then code changes.

Share metadata across business and IT

Metadata is the bond between architectural constructs and BI/DW designers are leveraging the benefits of improved metadata management within the overall infrastructure of data warehouse designs.

Business and IT users can access and search the repository for metadata, object whereabouts, and data usage using ER/Studio Team Server for web-based query and reporting. We can access ER/Studio Team Server via any web browser for cross-model and repository-wide data definitions and objects searches. Business users can then find data through Team Server browsing from glossaries of business terms or through a technical data dictionary of assets. A rich graphical user interface makes the journey a pleasant experience. This improved understanding of the metadata enables architects to better integrate the metadata into their data warehouse environment.

Harness automation in the data warehouse

ER/Studio Team Server allows users to export the rich metadata held in models of data assets to WhereScape 3D which automatically creates the structures in the warehouse, to your chosen schema system including data vault, and the pipelines supplying them. When coupled with data governance models and your data governance tool security can now be driven automatically in the warehouse from policies defined by data stewards. 

Relevant ER/Studio features

Modeling Wizards

Built in intelligence ensures you can focus on requirements whilst the tool handles implementation rules.

Visual data lineage

The visual data lineage feature documents source and target mapping and sourcing rules.

Enterprise data dictionary

The enterprise data dictionary feature defines and enforces standard data elements, naming standards, reference values, and other objects across the enterprise.

Dimensional modeling

The dimensional modeling feature models dimensional structures such as star and snowflake schemas for data warehouses, data marts, and online analytical processing (OLAP).


The attachments feature is a structured method for associating external pieces of information with data models.

Capacity planning

The capacity planning feature manages row count and growth rates for tables while calculating the future storage requirements of the data warehouse.


The repository feature provides a scalable, server-side model management system that includes model and object version management, security management, and the ability to branch and merge models.

WhereScape Integration

Documented models of source data assets and an overarching logical data model can be passed to WhereScape to drive automated and governed warehouse design and operation.

Companion products

ER/Studio Team Server

ER/Studio Team Server reports and shares metadata and data lineage information to key stakeholders.

Metadata wizard

The metadata wizard imports and exports metadata from a variety of sources, including BI platforms, unified modeling language (UML) and data modeling solutions, extensible markup language (XML) schemas, and common warehouse metamodel (CWM) to create a metadata hub.


The WhereScape suite will take metadata from ER/Studio to drive automation policies that create the warehouse static structures and pipelines..

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