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Data Modeling Made Easy using ER/Studio Data Architect

Howdy folks!

Today we will be taking a look on how to create a simple Data model using IDERA’s Flagship Data Modeling tool, IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect.

The purpose of reverse engineering a database is to help you better understand the underlying database schema.

Reverse Engineering a database can bring back some of the following object types such as:

  1. Tables
  3. Stored Procedures
  4. Triggers
  5. User Defined Objects
  6. Materialized Views and
  7. Storage Objects

In this tutorial, we will show you how to reverse engineer from an existing Database.

Click on File –> New and choose Reverse Engineer an Existing Database –> Click on the Login button.

We will be reverse engineering the AdventureWorks LT Database.

Choose Native connection and enter your server information and click next:

Now click on the Database List ellipse button and choose AdventureWorksLT from the list. You may download SQL Server samples from this website.

Once the database and schema have been chosen, click on the objects you wish to bring back and click Next to continue.

Now pick the objects you wish to bring back.

Click Next to see if you wish to infer any relationships via:

1) Primary Keys

2) Foreign Keys

3) Foreign key names from Indexes

Once you are satisfied, pick the Circular Model Option, which is the first Diagram Layout button and click Finish to kick start the Reverse Engineering.

And there you go folks! A successful reverse engineering process of your database.

Feel free to download a free trial.

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