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Build stronger data architecture teams

When teams work together with a common goal and a passion for success, their projects succeed. When the opposite occurs, everyone loses, including the team, the employer, and their customers.

In the course of my normal consulting assignments, we are often told that there is something wrong with the data models being prepared by the team architects. However, what we often find is that there is a significant disconnect between what the architects are doing and what the rest of the team expects them to do.

Collaboration sometimes means giving up something you want for something the project needs and someone else wants. Keep the result of your project in focus without losing sight of long-term goals. If your team members have learned to respect your work because of your good collaboration skills, they will also see the value of your models.

Read the 11-page whitepaper “Seven Steps Every Successful Data Architect Follows to Build Stronger Teams by Karen López to explore some problems that project architects face in working with other information technology (IT) roles. Also, learn about seven easy and inexpensive steps they can take to ensure a collaborative team environment.

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