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Agile versus fragile data modeling workflow

Many data modelers are finding out that their traditional data modeling processes are not a good fit for modern software development methods, such as agile or scrum. Yet, these approaches have become the de facto standard used by developers in enterprise organizations. Because we data professionals struggle to deliver value to these software projects, it is common for our products and services to be excluded from project work.

Until we data professionals can tailor our approaches to meet the needs of software projects, we will continue to be left out of vital projects.

The good news is that we can take part in these projects with some changes to our data modeling workflows. 

Read the 11-page whitepaper “Is your Data Modeling Workflow Agile or Fragile? by Karen López to discover the key components of a modern data modeling process. Learn about agile, scrum, agile challenges for data modelers, using an agile rather than fragile data modeling workflow, and ten tips for agile data modelers.

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